Kids BJJ 15th October 2023

Kids BJJ 15th October 2023

In 2011 Matt Morris and Caglan started teaching their boys and some friends at GSW in Taranaki st.

When we moved to our space in College street Caglan continued teaching on Sundays and the classes grew.

Eventually Caglan passed the reins to Shano who continued the good work that Matt and Caglan had begun.

Assisted by a bunch of the other GSW parents, Shano took the Sundays to new levels.

Last term Shano decided to step away from teaching the kids classes to spend more time with his own boys.

After 12 years and a few adjustments the reigns have now been passed senior GSW Black Belt Kieran.

Police vetted, Thursday assistant instructor, GSW stalwart, Kieran has been teaching his own boys, his nephews and their friends and is now shifting into the Mighty GSW.

Kieran is opening up the hour long session to ages 7 and up. Classes will run from 10am to 11am on Sundays starting the 15th of October. We will not be charging any fees for the rest of the year..

Kieran says

“Any parents with experience that want to jump in and help are welcome. Hopefully we can build on that through the term.

We'll have some games but the main focus is on bjj skills.”

Sunday 15th October

10am - 11am

Ages 7 and up.

Any questions can be directed to Kieran

Facebook: GSW KIDS


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