Blue Belt Insight

Blue Belt Insight

Apart from those first few classes, Blue Belt is considered the first major milestone in your BJJ journey. It takes roughly 200 hours of training which equates to 2 classes per week for 2 years. A not insignificant investment of time and effort. Not everyone has the tenacity and fortitude of will to make that journey.

There are a few simple things you can do to help make the trek from your first weeks on the mat to the first full colour change on your belt.
Here are some great words of advice from some of our Blue Belts that have made that journey before you.

Todd "Scooter Henry

Ben Golebiowski

James Mulholland

Amelia McGirr

Scott Windley

Klaus Townsend

Nick McGirr

Fritz Castro

Troy Wilson

Chase Callaghan


Yan Zhang

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