Shane Marshall

Age: 54
Started  2004

I became interested in Bjj when I was looking for a martial art to do, I a guy from my gym suggested I do Bjj. I said what’s that. He said come along Sunday, so I did and never left. He quit 2 years later.

Memorable experience:
I would say getting my blue belt when I didn’t think I’d last two months let alone 19 years.

How has Bjj impacted my life outside of the gym:
I would say the relationships I have gained and meeting John will and Geoff has helped me when in difficult times.

What advice would I give to someone new to BJJ: 
The only advice I would give is to keep coming back even when you don’t feel like it. Be consistent and look for the small gains not the big ones otherwise you will get disappointed.

What advice would I give someone wanting to improve their BJJ. 
GSW has so many talented black belts now, so don’t be afraid to ask their advice as they have been where you want to go.

How do you balance your training and daily life:
I make it work because I love Bjj and the physical and mental aspects of it, as it’s always challenging me to go beyond and I have had the opportunity to teach which has allowed me to give back.

Shane Marshall GSW BJJ Black Belt

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