Spencer Cameron

Name: Spencer Cameron

Age: 44

Started when I was 30 years old

I first became interested in Bjj after watching Ken Shamrock in the WWE he was touted as the world's most dangerous man and was submitting people with an ankle lock this lead me to start watching King of the cage which was a smaller mma promotion that had a guy by the name of Dean lister, he was winning all his matches by submission so I decided to give Bjj a try. I then googled Bjj in wellington and GSW was the first option to pop up tried my first session in the hutt and I was hooked, still remember my first training partner was Caglan.

A memorable experience for me was walking into the gym with a shiny new blue belt on made me feel like I was part of the GSW family and was a huge achievement for me.

I think for me Bjj has made me more relaxed in life outside the gym and to not worry about the small stuff that can get you frustrated.

My advice for people who are new to Bjj is to try to be consistent with your training find out how much time you have to devote to training and then set a schedule and keep to it.

My advice to people wanting to improve is to ask questions, there is a huge amount of knowledge and different styles on the GSW mat it's a huge resource and the people there are always willing to help.

In terms of balancing training and life I think its important to have a schedule that you can keep to I also play another sport which helps to balance out my training.

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