Beginners - Starting with GSW

I'll assume that because you're here you scanned the code and have tried a couple of classes with us.


So what now?

For most of us BJJ is as foreign as anything we've ever done in our lives. Because of this GSW has 2 beginners classes each week (Tue & Thur 6pm) where you can start your journey safely in an environment that specifically caters to beginners.

I like to keep you in this class for about a month (8-10 Classes) that should give you time to get used to the quirks and expectations of BJJ training. This means there's no active rolling and training is restricted to Techniques and a bit of active drilling.

But once you get the hang of tapping and being a good training partner then the training schedule opens up significantly. Check our timetable to see all we offer. in fact you should take a look around the website, its full of info and advice to help you begin and continue your BJJ journey with us.

But for now.. 
How to join..

Fill out the membership form either at the club or here online >>

We charge $50 for your first 2 weeks in the beginners class. You can pay in person at the club via eftpos or cash, or online here >>

We sell BJJ uniforms at the club talk to Geoff for more info.

And that's pretty much it. If you have any questions just ask. 
Welcome to the team. See you on the mat.


2 Free Trial Classes
Fill out the form below and gain access to a couple of free training session in our beginners program.
No catch, just try out our school and see if we're the right fit for each other.