Endo Athletics Fraud - DJ Mackie

Endo Athletics Fraud - DJ Mackie


Today marks one year (31/07/2022) since I purchased a BJJ Gi from the clowns at Endo Athletics fraud company. Ive purchased a Gi from them before many years ago and it took a good long while to arrive then. So I left it for a little while before I reached out for an update.

But by then it was too late. So after many messages full of utter bullshit and lies I eventually found a Facebook support group
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1997088087202768 and I realised I was never going to see my purchase.

I've sent him many messages and he's told many lies, every time I comment on his posts he quickly deletes them, so I'm posting this to let you know not to buy anything from this prick. He'll take your money and lie and lie and lie. He's still trying to sell products that he doesn't have and ripping off people every day.

Not what I'd call Black Belt behaviour.

I've since found a better site that is legit, I'll post a link later, but I don't want to associate a good supplier with this fraud.

A few months ago I found this awesome video by Mc Dojo Life documenting the whole story.

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