Blue - Purple - Brown

Blue - Purple - Brown

Congrats to this crew of unique individuals!

Was happy to be able to finally catch Chase and tie a Blue Belt around his waist.

Also didn’t expect to see Sam for a while after the birth of Lennox. So grabbed the chance to award him his well deserved Purple Belt before he disappears again.

And I’m so proud to award my friend and GSW stalwart, the Darce Vader, Jase with his well earned Brown Belt.. today was exactly 4 years to the day that he earnt his Putple!

What a motley crew… 😂


Sam Says:

I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 7 years ago. Long story short is I was nearly attacked by a gang member and thought, “man I better learn how to protect myself and my family if something like that ever happens again”. One quick google away and there I was. It was a slow start but eventually I caught the bug, and didn’t turn back. I love it. It’s fun, challenging, complicated and simple, and you get to hang and get beaten up by a crew of awesome dudes and dudettes.

My boys now train, and get so much fun, and resiliency out of it. Lennox is only three years away from getting on the mats!

Today I was very surprised and honoured to be awarded my purple belt. A big thanks to Geoff Grant, Shane Marshall and all the crew at GSW Martial Arts for all the training and advice over the years.

Oh and also a big thanks to my wife who let me go to training today…..

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