4th Degree Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt

What does that even mean?

The joke that John and I share is the casual acknowledgement that we haven’t died. We’ve done it in our Facebook birthday wishes and in person for as long as I can remember.

GSW was founded on the brutal proof that life is too short and what’s the point in doing things you don’t want to and sacrificing just to appease others..

This mantra has once more been pushed to the forefront with the passing Geoff Aitken and Shayne Cox. Two of the original 4. Michael Gent went many years before.
So yeah I haven’t died, yet… but it’s coming right.. for all of us..

So why not celebrate the milestones no matter how big or small?

My first BJJ lesson with John was 1995
My Black Belt was awarded by John in 2007
In 2023, 16 years later, despite all that has happened, GSW still fulfils it’s role in people’s lives.
So why not? Why not celebrate that?

Together we have achieved much and we will continue to move forward for many more years to come. And when my time comes, I know that we have a vast pool of talented Black Belts and students that are more than capable of continuing GSW’s legacy for as many years as needed.

Because without the people of GSW none of this is possible.. no noobs taking those first faltering steps onto the mat, none of the 10% that make the tough journey to Blue, none of the next 5% that struggle through to Purple, that 33% that would never make Brown and certainly not that tiny fragile 1% that make the full journey to the coveted Black Belt!

So thank you.

Thanks to John Will, my mentor, my friend, my inspiration.
Thanks to the wider GSW crew for coming on this journey with me.
Thanks for your loyalty.
Thanks for being part of our awesome community.
Without the people of GSW none of this is possible.


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